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Board Members

The Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting held January 11, 2023:


Beverly Paul,  Colleen Morrice,  Gail Paxman, Janice Carson, John Nolin, Korryn Kubashek, Lisa Webb, Naomi Happy &  Randy Bakaluk


2023 Executive are: President Randy Bakaluk, Vice President Beverly Paul, Secretary  Lisa Webb , Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice.

Giving a Hand


Our Mission is to provide shelter and care for stray or homeless pets in Weyburn, until they can be reunited with their owners or adopted to a new home.


Through the promotion of responsible pet ownership, we will exist primarily to shelter and re-home pets that end up in our care due to unfortunate or uncontrollable circumstances only. To inspire lifelong commitment where animals are treated with empathy, kindness and respect; free from pain, distress, disease, hunger and thirst.

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