Our volunteers are ready to accept your donated items for our fundraising event! We ask that your items be clean and in good working order.

We have some restrictions. We will not accept the following:

  • clothing
  • children’s car seats
  • mattresses
  • old tube TVs
  • older large computer monitors
  • heavy furniture! If you can’t lift it we can’t either!
  • broken toys or small bits and pieces of toys

If you have items you have been storing in boxes in a shed or garage for some time, please go through the box to ensure no rodents have made a nest or left droppings that may be a health hazard to our volunteers or the public.

For more information please call the shelter 306-848-7387


  • Wednesday May 8th from 10am until 8pm
  • Thursday May 9th from 12 noon until 7pm
  • Friday May 10th from 12 noon until 4pm

There are no prices on MOST items (some more expensive items will be priced). You pay by making a donation. Consider what the item is worth and make us an offer.

Payment is by cash or debit only. No checks accepted.

The money made from this important fundraising event will goin to our general operating fund.

Thank You for your support.