Dog Days of Summer

Sending out an import reminder to take special care with your pets (and yourselves) in this extreme heat.
Pets should be indoors if at all possible. If not be sure they have access to a cooler shaded area. Provide lots of water for drinking and perhaps a kiddie pool to cool off in.
You can help cool them off by draping wet towels across their necks and backs or bathing them in cool water (NEVER cold or ice water as this could restrict the blood vessels and cause more problems).
Pets perspire through their foot pads so even applying cool wet cloths there will be helpful.
Please don’t over exert your pet in the heat of the day. Walk them early morning or after sundown when it’s cooler. Be mindful of the hot pavement or concrete as their foot pads can easily be burned.
Don’t muzzle your dog as panting is one of the primary ways they cool themselves.
Watch for signs of heat stroke.
We hope you keep these tips in mind to help you through this heat wave.