Cat Cafe

What better way to spend a winter Sunday than playing and cuddling cats?!

We will have a clowder of cats for you to meet and hopefully fall in love with. All our feline friends are up to date on vaccinations, have been spay or neutered and are just waiting for someone to fall in love and adopt them.

We will have coloring pages for the kids to keep them occupied if they are tired of cat activity. There will be coffee and juice and cookies. A wonderful homemade Cat Cake raffle as well as a set of Cat Cups for raffle.

Thank You Microtel for hosting for us!

Love is in the Air

The Volunteers at the Weyburn Humane Society can help you with some of your wedding services. We offer bar-tending and chauffeuring.

For animal lovers who want to give a meaningful gift in place of wedding favors, we have these wonderful little place setting cards. They are small enough to not be distracting, yet get the message across to your guests that you have chosen to support a charity you are passionate about.

Contact us for more information.


Thank You

As we move into a new year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their continued support. Even though we are all feeling the pinch of a slow economy, animal lovers still find resources to give to us. The Board Members, Staff and Volunteers work very hard to ensure every donation is used to best serve the animals. We are encouraged by the public’s generosity and thank you for enabling us to make a difference in the lives of stray and homeless pets . . . . past, present and future.

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2019 AGM

We invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting being held on Wednesday January 16th, 2019 at 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at the Lutheran Church 504 Windsor Street, Weyburn SK.

We welcome everyone and look forward to persuading some new volunteers to join our team. As well we are accepting nomination of members to sit on our Board of Directors for the coming year.

To be on the Board we require you have a paid membership, be able to commit to one evening per month for our board meeting, contribute to supporting fundraising events and sharing your thoughts and ideas on keeping WHS viable in the community.

Memberships are a way for us to raise some much needed funds. As a member you have voting privileges at our annual AGM. This will allow you to have a voice in our bylaw changes when they occur as well as electing our Board of Directors. Membership fees are as follows and are valid from one AGM until the next.

Senior (65 or older) $10.00

Single $15.00

Family $20.00 (two votes only)


Making the decision to adopt an animal is no small thing. Much thought and consideration should be invested to be sure this is something you can commit to. The Weyburn Humane Society has had the misfortune of sharing in the disappointment of someone who wanted to surprise their loved one with a cat, only to return it just hours later. The recipient was not impressed with the gift nor her boyfriend for thinking she wanted the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Surprises of the right kind can be a joyous occasion. But not when it comes to pets. They are not disposable. They require time and money to ensure their health and happiness.  Please always discuss with your family before you take on pet ownership.

For That Hard to Buy For Person

If you have an Animal Lover on your list the Weyburn Humane Society can help with your Christmas Giving!

Do you rack your brain each Christmas to come up with a gift for that person who has everything because they usually just go out and buy it for themselves? Especially when it comes to your parents or grandparents who seem to have almost everything they want or need? Well you aren’t alone! If you find yourself having this dilemma consider giving them a gift that  is both rewarding and meaningful. By donating money to the animal shelter, we will write out a charitable receipt for the amount donated ($20 or greater) in the name of the person you are gifting and they can use it when they file their income taxes. We will also have a nice holiday card to tuck that receipt into. You can donate and pick up the card at the animal shelter, or you can call us and arrange to pay by  E-transfer and we will mail it out on your behalf. If this sounds like something your family or friend would like, please contact us for more information.


Phone WHS:  306-848-7387






Annual Fundraiser

It’s time once again for our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Raise the Woof! A Dinner Comedy Event featuring three comedians for your entertainment. The evening begins at 5:30pm with a social offering assorted beverages. The meal is roast beef with all the trimmings. There will be a small assortment of donated items for you to try your luck at winning. The entertainment begins around 8:00-ish. Host comedian is Phillip Kopczynski who will get your funny bone loosened up before the two main attractions, Mike Brody and Susan Jones. The main acts can be viewed on YouTube to get a sample of their material.

Tickets sell out quickly. To avoid disappointment contact us today to get yours! 306-861-7918 ask for Pat.

Dog Days of Summer

Sending out an import reminder to take special care with your pets (and yourselves) in this extreme heat.
Pets should be indoors if at all possible. If not be sure they have access to a cooler shaded area. Provide lots of water for drinking and perhaps a kiddie pool to cool off in.
You can help cool them off by draping wet towels across their necks and backs or bathing them in cool water (NEVER cold or ice water as this could restrict the blood vessels and cause more problems).
Pets perspire through their foot pads so even applying cool wet cloths there will be helpful.
Please don’t over exert your pet in the heat of the day. Walk them early morning or after sundown when it’s cooler. Be mindful of the hot pavement or concrete as their foot pads can easily be burned.
Don’t muzzle your dog as panting is one of the primary ways they cool themselves.
Watch for signs of heat stroke.
We hope you keep these tips in mind to help you through this heat wave.