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Adopting a pet is a life-long commitment. It is an extremely rewarding experience. Not only will your pet become a part of your family, but it has been shown that pets improve our lives in so many ways. There are even health benefits like decreased blood pressure.

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ADOPTION FEES ** as of December 1st, 2018

Adult Dog $210.00. Comes spay or neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations except rabies.

Puppy under 6 months of age $260.00. We will reimburse you $100.00 when you provide a vet bill indicating proof of spay or neuter. Comes with age appropriate vaccinations and microchip.

Intact Cats or Kittens * $155.00. Up to date on age appropriate vaccinations. Microchipped.
*The WHS will refund $100 if your pet is spayed/neutered in the first 3 months of ownership (or when age appropriate) and submit proof of a receipt from the Vet Clinic.

Neutered /Spayed Cats $135.00. Neutered or spayed cats who have been at the shelter 90 days or longer adopt for $50.00. Microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.

Senior Dog** $45.00
Senior Cat** $35.00
**older than 6 years

Farm Cat $15.00 Farm cats have not had vaccinations, are not microchipped and may not have been spay or neutered.

Long Time Cat Residents $50.00 Cats that have been at the shelter longer than 90 days adopt for a reduced rate to encourage a quicker placement.

There is a two week trial period from the time of possession where the animal (along with its health record and tags) may be returned for the adoption fee refund, provided the animal is not seriously injured, killed, lost, or stolen.

If the animal has offspring within two months of leaving the shelter, the offspring may be returned to the shelter at no additional cost.

Before you Adopt, Read: Things to Consider when Adopting

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