Board Members |

The Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting held January 16, 2019.

Left to right back row: Wendy Pitre, Kristen Graff, Beverly Paul, Kelly Linnell, James Hawkins, Lisa W3ebb, Randy Bakaluk.  Seated: Pam Arndt-Schick, Pat Anderson, Colleen Morrice. Missing is Carol LaCharite and Elizabeth Livingstone.

2019 Executive are: President Pam Arndt-Schick,  Vice President Carol LaCharite, Secretary/Treasurer Pat Anderson, Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice.

Fundraising Chair is Elizabeth Livingstone.


Our Mission is to provide shelter and care for stray or homeless pets in Weyburn, until they can be reunited with their owners or adopted to a new home.


Through the promotion of responsible pet ownership, we will exist primarily to shelter and re-home pets that end up in our care due to unfortunate or uncontrollable circumstances only. To inspire lifelong commitment where animals are treated with empathy, kindness and respect; free from pain, distress, disease, hunger and thirst.